Universities in London offer scholarships for international students which can help pay your tuition fees and also support you throughout your studies.

Tuition fees for PhD degrees

Tuition fees for PhD courses can range from £11,000 to £30,000 per year for international students, depending on the subject area and university.

Funding options for PhD degrees

There are three main funding routes for PhD students:

1. Self-funded: Many students pay their own tuition fees to complete a PhD. You can use the course search to find relevant courses and to see the tuition fees.

2. Studentship: Universities receive funding from research councils, charities and industry partners to undertake research. If they have received funding for a PhD student, this position will usually be advertised as a ‘studentship’. Studentships normally cover your tuition fees and you may also receive money towards your living costs. Please note that some studentships are not open to international applicants. Contact your chosen universities for more information.

3. Scholarship: London’s universities offer many part or full scholarships for international PhD students. Search the scholarships database to see which scholarships are available for PhD students.