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Course Introduction

**Programme overview**

New for September 2020, our BA (Hons) Digital Communication and Social Media programme is designed to give you all the knowledge and skills to compete in the exciting and fast-growing digital media industry.

In such a dynamic sector, it can be challenging to identify today what digital skills will be needed to succeed tomorrow and that’s why this wide-ranging programme has been developed. It will provide you with an excellent foundation of knowledge, giving you great understanding of digital communication, combined with the scope to then specialise in the areas that interest you the most, from marketing and PR to video production, postgraduate study to journalism or building a personal brand.

This degree combines four core areas: theories of communication, theories of society, digital media production and professional skills, specifically those sought by the creative industries and media in general such as PR and marketing. The programme takes an inclusive approach, providing an understanding of the social and cultural impact of social media and digital communication together with robust practical skills.

Combined with a strong theoretical spine, these digital skills are highly flexible and transferable for any workplace or career, whether you wish to become an entrepreneur building your own brand, aspire to work for a large organisation in a digital role or envisage doing further study.

All of our students at Richmond graduate with both a UK and US degree, opening up international opportunities. Like our other undergraduate programmes, this BA is based on the American liberal arts tradition, which offers a multi-disciplinary approach. That’s why your first and second year at our Richmond campus will include Scientific Reasoning and Creative Expression, as well as Visual Culture and Advertising Practice.

Choose from a range of electives which offer you the option to specialise: from Public Relations Practice to Sonic Media Production, Animation and Motion to Fashion and Media.

Your journey on this programme will continue in the third and fourth year spent at our campus in vibrant Kensington, as you study such courses as Mass Communications and Society, Creating Digital Images, Coding and Social Research (developing your research skills), providing valuable knowledge essential for any digital campaign.

This programme also has a high practical content as you develop skills in Photojournalism and Web Design, providing an understanding and application of key production processes and professional practices relevant to social media, cultural and communication industries.

Extend your practical skills in the workplace with an optional internship in a social media or digital communication role, providing credits towards your degree and creating more career opportunities. Combine this with a Research Project which will boost your independent learning skills in a topic of your choice.

**Top five reasons to study this programme:**

- Gain all the digital skills you will need for any workplace or career, from building your own personal brand to a digital role in a large organisation

- Combine breadth of approach with opportunity to specialise in area of digital communication which interests you the mostBenefit from the teaching of our renowned academics and guest lecturers

- Gain vital work experience through an internship in a digital role internationally or in London, a hub of the global media communications industry

- Develop strong communication skills in small classes within an international environment, alongside students from all over the world

**After you graduate**

Career paths for Digital Communication & Social Media graduates: Digital Communication, Social Media, Public Relations, Media, Marketing, Advertising, Media Production, Web Design

Course Modules

We offer 4-year Liberal Arts and Business BA degrees. Students entering with A levels or other level 3 qualifications usually gain exemptions from courses in the Richmond Core Curriculum which can mean that you should be able to complete your degree in less than four academic years. The interdisciplinary Liberal Arts approach offers not just breadth but also depth of study and encourages students to make sounds judgements and think independently. A Liberal Arts education is one which encourages you to explore a wide range of subjects and programmes. It reaches across disciplines, building connections between different academic areas such as literature, science, mathematics, writing, business and psychology. Upon entry to Richmond University all students study the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum before specialising in their chosen field.

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Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
4 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons) £9,250 Home Fees
4 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons) £9,250 European Fees
4 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons) £14,750 Overseas Fees