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Course Introduction

**Why study this course?**

Our Criminology (including foundation year) BSc will prepare you for study at undergraduate level, while providing you with the knowledge to examine the causes and effects of crime. This four-year course is designed for those who don’t meet the requirements to enter the three-year course or who have been out of education for a few years and would like to prepare for academic study at undergraduate level.

During Year 0 you’ll improve your critical thinking, essay writing and other academic skills to build your confidence and improve your learning techniques. You’ll be supported by a tutor and academic mentor to achieve all of your academic goals and settle into university. In the following three years you’ll engage in academic investigation of the criminal justice system and examine criminological theories.

**More about this course**

Our Criminology (including foundation year) BSc course is perfect preparation for a career in crime and justice related settings. You’ll not only study criminological theories and learn to research the causes and implications of crime, but you’ll also gain valuable academic skills that will help you progress to managerial roles or postgraduate study.

On this course you’ll receive excellent support to ensure that you settle into university life and achieve good academic outcomes. In your foundation year, your tutor and mentor will help you work on your strengths and weaknesses and prepare for the following three years of undergraduate academic study. During this year, your modules will focus on developing your academic literacy, critical thinking and analytical skills through the production of short texts about subjects in the field of social sciences and current affairs. You’ll also be joined by students studying the foundation year from other disciplines, providing a perfect opportunity to work with others to improve your skills.

We place great emphasis on our teaching quality and your lecturers will take their time to work with you to develop your skills and ensure you reach a good level of understanding of the topics.

During the foundation year you’ll also take a module that is more focused on criminology, so that you can get a view into the topics you’ll be studying and prepare for the following years. If at the end of your foundation year you decide that you’d like to specialise in a different area of study, there will be flexibility to move to a different course in the School of Social Sciences or the School of Social Professions subject to approval.

In the three years that will follow you’ll experience greater flexibility in choosing what you’d like to study and enjoy the opportunity to combine your criminology degree with the study of psychology, policing, sociology or law. The course content will also begin to be more specialised.

Course Modules

Example Year 0 modules include:

Critical Thinking

Interventions for Change

Media, Crime and 'Race'

Reflecting on Self and Society

Researching Discrimination

Researching Inequality

Social Issues in Context: Text to Essay

Example Year 1 modules include:

Introduction to Criminological Theory

Introduction to Policing

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

Researching Crime and Deviance

Researching Social Life

Social Problems and Social Issues

Example Year 2 modules include:

Crime in Context

Measuring and Interpreting Crime

Perspectives on Policing

Crime, Media and Technology

Youth, Crime and Violence

Youth, Resistance and Social Control

Example Year 3 modules include:

Crime Control and Penology

Criminology Project

Criminology Work Experience

Gender and Sexuality

Human Rights and Conflict

Religion and the State

Serious and Serial Offenders

Social Control, Drugs and Organised Crime

Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism

Victims and Crime

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Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
4 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Science (with Honours) - BSc (Hons) Other Fees