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Course Introduction

**Why study this course?**

This is a practice-based course which allows for both intensive training in and study of Film and Television. Students often graduate having produced high-level audio-visual work and expert critical analyses of film and television that allow them to go on to work in specialist or broad-based media jobs.

The course shares a common first year with Film and Television Studies BA that covers both basic audio-visual skills and essential academic knowledge of the film and television field. Subsequently, students specialise in practice-based audio-visual production whilst continuing with academic analysis of film and TV.

**More about this course**

Film and Television Production staff include respected and successful film makers including Suzanne Cohen who has a background in delivering innovative and socially aware participatory film projects, and Enrico Tessarin who has 15 years' experience in international co-productions including 5 feature films, 3 feature documentaries and countless web series and advertisements. Robb Horsley is an award-winning filmmaker whose work has been shown at many international film festivals and broadcast on major television networks including BBC, ITV, SKY, NBC and MTV.

Other staff have published academically in a range of international journals and edited volumes.

Our alumni include one of only three black female filmmakers to have directed a feature film that has received a nationwide release in the UK, a cinematographer working on TV shows such as League of Gentlemen and Cold Feet and an independent filmmaker who has directed numerous television advertisements while also developing his own web drama series.

Recent graduates have moved on to master's degrees at Goldsmiths and at Film School in the USA, and gained positions at a range of media companies including YouTube.

Course Modules

Year 1 modules include: Approaches to Film and Television; Film and TV Practice 1; Film and TV Production 1; Film and Television Histories;

Year 2 modules include: Hollywood Industry and Politics; Hollywood Stardom, Genre and Authorship; Film and TV Production 2; Film and TV Practice 2; FTV Industry Roles; Scripting Performance for Screen; Year 3 modules include: Film and TV Industry Careers; WRL for Media 2; Major Film and TV Projects; Film and TV Production Dissertation

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Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
3 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts - BA £9,250 European Fees
3 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts - BA £9,250 Home Fees
3 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts - BA £12,700 Overseas Fees