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Course Introduction

The PG Cert in Advanced Medical Training (Children?s Health, Haematology or Women?s Health) is a postgraduate qualification for scientists and clinicians. This advanced study programme will develop your research and evidence-based evaluation skills and clinical leadership, as well as enhance your career opportunities. This programme is available in three medical specialties: PG Cert in Advanced Medical Training (Children?s Health); PG Cert in Advanced Medical Training (Haematology); PG Cert in Advanced Medical Training (Women?s Health).


Our programme is designed to provide participants with an advanced and comprehensive understanding of the theoretical and practical issues surrounding medical care within the relevant medical field of choice. The postgraduate face to face modules in the medical specialty of choice will cover the most-up-to-date and novel aspects of clinical care and by successfully completing one of the module, you will gain an in depth understanding of innovative care for patients in the selected field of medical expertise.

The programme is available in three different medical specialties: Children?s Health; Haematology; Women?s Health. You will undertake two on line modules, and then select a face to face module(s) depending upon your choice of medical speciality.

The programme fosters the intellectual skills of participants through: production of original pieces of written work that explain, review and evaluate primary research literature and using this evaluation to develop ideas and hypothesizes; understanding and applying scientific and clinical study design and statistical analysis principles; collecting, interpreting and analysing data with a critical understanding of the appropriate contexts; gaining deeper theoretical understanding of the chosen specialised field of study; using subject knowledge and understanding to explore and solve familiar and unfamiliar problems; identifying areas that would benefit from further research within the selected medical specialty of choice; reading, writing about and discussing a range of literature on leadership and people management as it applies in clinical settings; critically reflecting upon the ways in which leadership and people management can affect performance outcomes; understanding of leadership skills development process through developing self-awareness: being aware of one?s own values, principles and assumptions and by being able to learn from experiences.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
1 year
Full Time
Postgraduate Certificate - PgCert £4,100 Home Fees
1 year
Full Time
Postgraduate Certificate - PgCert £4,100 European Fees
1 year
Full Time
Postgraduate Certificate - PgCert £8,500 Overseas Fees

Qualifications required:

  • Domestic entry requirements: A Primary Medical Degree recognised by the General Medical Council of the UK, i.e. MBChB or MBBS.
  • International entry requirements: In addition to the above, applicants must achieve a minimum score of 7.0 in all 4 categories of the Academic UKVI International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with an overal score of 7.5.
  • IELTS score: 7