Digital Marketing Extended Masters MSc

Course Introduction


Gain strategic digital insight and leadership qualities that are invaluable for business with this career-building course.

Our Masters in Digital Marketing is designed by academic practitioners with award-winning professional experience in developing digital strategies for major international brands.

Each module is designed and delivered as part of a process that enables you to become confident digital marketing strategists and communications planners.

You can choose to study this course part-time and in the evenings to help you balance your studies with other commitments.

Course detail

As technology continues to be integrated into the lives of consumers, digital marketing has become indispensable for customer acquisition, conversion and retention activities.

While Digital Marketing provides unique opportunities to engage with consumers, the growing range of digital channels, targeting options and marketing contexts has made the role of a digital strategist increasingly complex.

Our MSc in Digital Marketing is designed to equip you with the insights, skills and confidence you need to develop an informed digital strategy designed to take optimal advantage of any market opportunity.

The course is structured to develop your ability to:

* create actionable and accountable digital strategies

* use digital channels to build sustainable and ethical brands

* surface critical insights into consumer behaviour and preferences

* improve channel selection and optimisation processes

* use digital channels to expand into new markets

* create and develop disruptive digital business concepts

* conduct individual research that identifies and solves complex marketing problems

The course is designed by experienced academic practitioners to help you become a confident digital marketing strategist and planner and improve your career prospects.

Study & career progression

This course is designed to help you become a confident digital marketer. Having a recognised qualification on your CV can improve your chances of finding a digital marketing role or taking the next step on your career progression.

While many roles in digital marketing, such as SEO, PPC, Display, Email and Social, for example, require increasingly specialist knowledge, a digital strategist must be capable of working across all digital channels. As such, the course has the potential to open opportunities in:



* Mobile

* Email

* Content

* Display

* Social

* Analytics

* ECommerce

* B2C

* B2B

* Web Design UX

As businesses around the world continue to develop digital transformation strategies, digital marketing will play an increasingly important role in any marketing mix designed to improve CX (Customer Experience). This process will ensure that the growing demand for strategic digital marketing skills will continue to be a progressive long-term career choice.

Start Date


Tuition & Fees

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
2 years
Full Time
MSc £9,750 Home Fees
2 years
Full Time
MSc £14,975 Overseas Fees
2 years
Full Time
MSc £9,750 European Fees

Qualifications Required

  • Domestic entry requirements: To study the Extended Masters programme you will need: a Bachelor's degree.
  • International entry requirements: To study the Extended Masters programme you will need: a Bachelor's degree; international students need to meet our English language requirements of IELTS 6.5 or above and a minimum of 5.5 for each of the individual components (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening). We will also consider you for this course with IELTS between 6.0 and 6.5 - in this case you would need to complete an English language course during your first semester, which we provide at no additional cost.