Richmond, The American International University in London

Course Introduction

**The BA in Economics is created to develop in students the skill set to analyse economic issues and tackle challenges that have both national and international importance. The programme provides students with a clear, holistic understanding of economic principles, concepts and ideas within the wider framework of the social and political environment.**

The programme enables students to understand and apply the process of data and evidence collection, including the organization, analysis and presentation of material. It also provides students with a clear understanding of economic systems so that they are abstract concepts to real problems, some of which include issues of economic policy.

**The Curriculum**

This degree stands out because of the range of course that it offers. Students will take courses such as Behavioural Economics, Public Economics, and Foundations of Economic Ideas. Courses such as these provide students with a more critical and more pluralist approach to economics than many mainstream Economics programmes do. Another key aspect is the interdisciplinary nature of the degree. Due to the liberal arts identity of Richmond University, students in this degree are exposed to courses from other social sciences or other academic areas. This improves the students’ ability to think critically and reflect on the material taught and studied.

**Top 5 Reasons to study BA Economics:**

- Benefit from the opportunity to co-publish in the research newsletter Briefing Notes in Economics

- Gain valuable research training and finding through the senior project that you will be able to show future employers

- Add desirable work experience to your CV through an international internship

- Complement the study of economics with valuable minors from other academic disciplines

- Be a competing candidate while accessing to leading graduate schools, including those in the UK and the USA

**Career Paths**

BHP Billiton, Citigroup, Ernst and Young, KPMG, United Nations, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Accenture, PWC

Course Modules

We offer 4-year Liberal Arts and Business BA degrees. Students entering with A levels or other level 3 qualifications usually gain exemptions from courses in the Richmond Core Curriculum which can mean that you should be able to complete your degree in less than four academic years. The interdisciplinary Liberal Arts approach offers not just breadth but also depth of study and encourages students to make sounds judgements and think independently. A Liberal Arts education is one which encourages you to explore a wide range of subjects and programmes. It reaches across disciplines, building connections between different academic areas such as literature, science, mathematics, writing, business and psychology. Upon entry to Richmond University all students study the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum before specialising in their chosen field.

Start Date:


Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
4 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons) £9,250 Home Fees
4 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons) £9,250 European Fees
4 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons) £14,750 Overseas Fees