Richmond, The American International University in London

Course Introduction

**If you are fascinated by the United States of America and want to learn more about its culture, history, and politics, explore our BA in American Studies.**

As the only American University in the UK, Richmond has an authenticity which few can match when it comes to American Studies. Our programme, which is based on the American liberal arts system of learning, aims to develop an understanding of the United States of America from an international perspective.

The programme enables students to take courses in American history, politics and foreign policy alongside courses on film, literature, popular music, globalisation and contemporary popular culture. Students on this programme will also share courses with students majoring in International Relations, Politics, History, Communications, Journalism and other disciplines.

Step outside the classroom and explore a different side of America through visits to The American Museum and Gardens in Bath, the Benjamin Franklin House in London and the British Museum. With all of London’s museums, art galleries and theatres on the doorstep, there are many ways to discover different aspects of America.

You will also have the opportunity to benefit from the numerous exchange possibilities with universities and colleges in the United States, Canada and Latin America.

**Top 5 reasons to study this programme:**

- Develop a broad understanding of American Studies, touching on areas such as International Relations, Political Science, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Communications and Art & Design

- Opportunity to study alongside American and international students creates lively discussions and brings American Studies alive

- Build expertise in the changing relationships between North America and South America

- Specialise in specific aspects of politics, history, and culture in the Americas, including US politics and foreign policy, the ‘Pink Tide’ in Latin America, and the study of film, music, theatre, art and design

- Study abroad in the USA, Canada or Latin America through Richmond’s partner programmes

**Career Paths**

Embassy of the Dominican Republic, European Commission, Moody’s Investors Service, PwC, US Department of Homeland Security, AXA Rosenberg, Deutsche Bank, Mercedes-Benz, The Albert Baker Funs, BB, Bloomberg L.P., EMI Music, 19 Entertainment, Walt Disney Entertainment

Course Modules

The required courses in the major provide a thorough grounding in American culture, history, politics, cultural theory and research methodology. Optional courses allow students to develop and refine their own interests culminating in an extended independent research project. If students desire, there are opportunities for a junior year semester abroad in the USA, Canada or Argentina, though this is not required for the degree. Senior year students achieving the required GPA are encouraged to participate in the university’s Internship Programme for the course. Year one, core modules - Foundations of American Studies, Comparative Political Systems, Foundations of Psychology, Transitions I, Transitions II, Quantitative Reasoning, Scientific Reasoning, Creative Expression, Research and Writing I. Year two, core modules - Introduction to Visual Culture, Film in the Americas, When Worlds Collide: Race & Empire 1400-1888, Versailles to Vietnam: US and the World, Introduction to International Relations, Research and Writing II. Year three, core modules - Power in the Americas, Cultural Theory, Mainstream Cinema: Studies in Genre, Social Research. Year four, core modules - Contemporary American Culture, The American Presidency, Senior Seminar in American Studies 1, Senior Seminar in American Studies 2, US History Since 1972, From Pop to Present: Themes in Contemporary American Art. Elective modules available all years except Year 1.

Start Date:


Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
4 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons) £9,250 Home Fees
4 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons) £9,250 European Fees
4 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons) £14,500 Overseas Fees