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Course Introduction

This programme draws upon the concepts and methods of the sub'disciplines of comparative politics (political sociology and political economy) and international relations; the course provides students with a detailed specialist understanding of both domestic and international politics (and of the implications of 1 for the other) in Asia.

Course Modules

1 of the following regional politics courses: government and politics of modern South Asia; government and politics of modern South East Asia; state and society in Central Asia and the Caucasus; geopolitics and security in central Asia and the Caucasus; northeast Asian politics: Japan, Korea and Taiwan; state and society in the Chinese political process; 1 or 2 of the following regional politics courses: China and international politics; Taiwan's politics and cross'strait relations; international politics of East Asia; Japan unravelled; the Indian ocean in world politics. 1 of the following disciplinary politics courses: state and development in Asia and Africa; state and society in Asia and Africa; queer politics in Asia, Africa and the Middle East; comparative international political thought; political thought on the just rebellion; Islamic/democratic political thought; international political economy; approaches to comparative political thought; introduction to quantitative methods in social research. 1 of the following courses focussed on Asia in a cognate discipline: modern Chinese law and institutions; culture and conflict in the Himalaya; economic problems and policies in modern China ; Japanese modernity i; Japanese modernity ii; colonialism and nationalism in South Asia; elementary spoken Cantonese (PG); elementary spoken Hokkien (Minnanyu, Taiwanese) (PG); special course in Chinese 1 (pg); intensive elementary Tibetan (PG); basic Japanese 1 (PG); Bengali language 1 (PG); Hindi language 1 (PG); Nepali language 1 (PG); Urdu language 1 (PG); Burmese language 1 (PG); Indonesian language 1 (PG); Khmer (Cambodian) language 1 (PG); Thai language 1 (PG); Vietnamese language 1 (PG); dissertation in political studies.

Start Date:


Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
2 years
Part Time
1 year
Full Time

Qualifications required:

  • The qualification for entry is normally a 1st or upper 2nd Class Honours degree (or equivalent) in politics or international relations, or a related social science discipline; applicants without such a background may be considered for admission depending on their academic training and undergraduate performance.