University of East London

Course Introduction

Our exciting and highly stimulating Forensic Psychology course will equip you for a future career in the courts or the wider criminal justice system. Your arena will be crime in all its forms as you bring your wide knowledge of psychological theory to bear upon the behaviour of offenders.

Building from the broad grounding we’ll give you in basic psychology, you’ll specialise in analysing the relationship between psychological and social factors and criminal or deviant behaviour.

You’ll also investigate how the criminal courts approach their dealings with suspects and defendants, victims and witnesses.

A degree in forensic psychology will help you build a career in organisations such as the police, the probation and prison services, youth offending teams, and drug referral and treatment agencies.

It will also put you in a good position to apply for the specialised postgraduate training needed to become a practising forensic psychologist.

Course Modules

Core modules for the course are: Researching Psychological Worlds (core), Perspectives on Behaviour: Biological, Social and Differential (core), Introduction to Cognitive and Developmental Psychology (core), Thinking like a Psychologist (core), Researching Psychological Worlds 2 (core), Applications of Psychobiology, Individual Differences and Social Psychology (core), Topics in Cognitive and Developmental Psychology (core), Forensic Psychology: The Justice System (core), Psychological Research Project (core), Employability and Developing your Graduate Career Pathway (core), Forensic Psychology: Criminal Conduct (core). You would also get to choose from a huge number of option modules.

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Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
3 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Science (with Honours) - BSc (Hons) £9,250 Home Fees
3 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Science (with Honours) - BSc (Hons) £11,880 Overseas Fees