Kingston University London

Course Introduction

**Reasons to choose Kingston**

– This course will boost your employability and prepare you for senior positions and management roles.

– You’ll have an opportunity to develop and enhance the academic, professional and personal skills necessary for registration as an incorporated engineer.

– This course means you can obtain an Aircraft Engineering BEng (Hons) in one year full time (or two years part time).

**About this course**

If you’ve completed a Kingston University aircraft engineering foundation degree, or one of the other Kingston University feeder courses, or you hold an EASA Cat B aircraft engineering licence, then this course is the perfect choice to top-up your qualification to a BEng (Hons).

You’ll study fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft performance and analyse aircraft structures. You’ll evaluate materials for aircraft applications and the fundamental principles of air transport economics and their application to management decision-making. You’ll also study the fundamentals of project planning and mapping and will complete group and individual projects on industry-related topics

Course Modules

Examples of modules:

Year 1 Core - Air Transport Economics;Aerospace Technology; Individual Project (Aircraft Eng); Aircraft Maintenance Operations.

Start Date:


Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
1 year
Full Time
Bachelor of Engineering (with Honours) - BEng (Hon) £9,250 Home Fees
1 year
Full Time
Bachelor of Engineering (with Honours) - BEng (Hon) £9,250 European Fees