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Course Introduction

ScreenSpace is in an industry focused degree in content creation, delivered in partnership by MetFilm School and the University of West London.

Each semester has a different theme and explores a different relationship with the audience: from documentary and social impact filmmaking, to TV fiction, online branded content campaigns and data and analytics. Students work across all aspects of production, from camerawork editing, sound and producing, learning how to make content for a range of different platforms.

Every semester has a different industry partner who sets a production brief for the students to work towards. This means students leave with a degree, a portfolio of professional content, cutting-edge media production skills and industry experience delivered by tutors who are working as media professionals across the creative industries.

ScreenSpace is based at the MetFilm School campus in Ealing Studios and the University of West London. Our facilities include a number of shooting spaces, classrooms, and collaborative spaces.

MetFilm School, which has been running BA and MA courses since 2003 has a working production company, a bespoke careers placement agency, MetFilm Futures, that companies approach for suitable students and graduates for paid work, and a boutique sales agency, MetFilm Sales, specialising in the financing and sales of single documentaries and series.

BA Content, Media and Film Production challenges students to produce great video content, find and nurture their audiences, and in doing so learn creative entrepreneurship, storytelling, and technical skills.

• Gain entry into the multi-platform screen media and content industries - learn through experience, gain skills through action

• Build a portfolio of content, helping you to take the next steps into the creative industries

• Gain a deep understanding of your market to create better audience-centric content

• Use a diverse array of platforms and multi-content devices to create unique screen content

We focus on employability right from the start of the course. You will be able to go out into industry as a technician for hire, a creative entrepreneur or a screen professional.

Course Modules

• The course consists of six semesters, each of 14 taught weeks and 2 weeks for completing assessments.

• Each semester contains three parallel 20 credit modules – one in Production, one in Craft Skills, and one in Screen sense.

• The first half of each semester consists of a series of taught sessions in all three modules, during which the students develop and prepare for their production.

• The second half of the semester revolved around the production block and editing. .

Screen Sense Modules

Screen Sense modules address the relationship between a production and its audience, and cover knowledge and understanding of the media landscape, , narrative, business models and entrepreneurship.

The modules progressively develop general skills as well as focusing on the story and business models that apply to the specific production block.

Mission and Purpose

• What is my purpose as an entrepreneur?

• Concept and Story

• Audience/Business/Distribution

• How do I reach my audience?

• How do I integrate knowledge about the relevant screen business practices?

Craft Skills Modules

Craft Skills modules give students access to the core technical and other skills required – including camera, postproduction, directing, and other.

In each semester these skills are further developed both generally and in the specific context of that type of production.

Craft Skills focuses on:

Technical Competence

• How do I use the technical and craft skills (directing, camera, editing) to achieve my technical aims?

• Creative Application

How do I use technical skills and my understanding of industry conventions and related theories to produce work that is creatively competent?

Production Modules

Production modules weave the learning in Craft Skills and Screen Sense into a practical production.

Students respond to a specific brief presented by an industry partner expert in that audience relationship, and are judged by them at the end of the module.

In particular the module considers:

Achievement of the Brief

• How do I create a coherent project that engages an audience and meets the stated production brief?

Production Management

• How do I display appropriate planning, organizational and project management skills across diverse media platforms?

Technical, Creative and Business Proficiency

• How do I demonstrate the integration of screen sense and Craft Skills learning?

Professional Practice

• How do I demonstrate the required professional practice through teamwork, peer review, interpersonal communication and personal responsibility?

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Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
3 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons) Other Fees