Criminology and Youth Studies

Course Introduction

**Why study this course?**

In this degree you'll explore the fundamentals of criminological theory, youth work and social problems in order to discover the relationship between youth and crime. Our teaching staff have the professional experience necessary to help you learn this specialist knowledge. A work placement is also available to give you hands-on experience and skills. Successfully complete the course and you could enter a career in the Criminal Justice System, the National Probation Service, the Youth Justice Board, welfare rights and another profession surrounding youth crime.

**More about this course**

Learn the facts behind the headlines that portray young people negatively in their relation to crime, and prepare for a career path where you can make a difference. On this undergraduate course you'll gain an understanding of the relationship between youth work, social problems and media perspectives.

Current staff on this degree include ex-probation professionals and specialist researchers into youth crime. This means you'll receive high quality lectures and seminars from industry experts. With this level of academic training, you’ll be well prepared for specialist employment.

The work based learning placement will introduce you to the real world of youth crime, giving you valuable experience in preparation for your own career. It is this hands-on experience that will help you stand out when you complete your degree.

Whether you want to work for the Youth Justice Board, the National Probation Service or undertake further research, this undergraduate degree sets you up for an exciting career focused around crime and youth culture.

If you don't have traditional qualifications or can't meet the entry requirements for this undergraduate degree, you may still be able to gain entry by completing the Criminology, Policing and Law Extended Degree (including Foundation Year) BSc (Hons).

**What our students say**

“The staff are very enthusiastic about their subject and clearly enjoy teaching it. There was help with the work whenever I needed it and the module leaders were always very understanding.”

National Student Survey

“I have learnt so many new things beyond what I expected to. My knowledge and professional network have expanded greatly.”

National Student Survey

Course Modules

Year 1 modules include:

Introduction to Working with Young People (core, 30 credits)

Introduction to Criminological Theory (core, 30 credits)

Researching Crime and Deviance (core, 30 credits)

Introduction to Social Problems (core, 30 credits)

January entry only:

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System (core, 30 credits)

Introduction to Criminological and Sociological Theory (core, 30 credits)

Introduction to Social Problems (core, 30 credits)

Researching Social Life (core, 30 credits)

Year 2 modules include:

Measuring and Interpreting Crime (core, 30 credits)

Youth, Resistance and Social Control (core, 30 credits)

Crime in Context (alternative core, 30 credits)

Perspectives on Policing (alternative core, 30 credits)

Racism and Ethnicity (alternative core, 30 credits)

Crime, Media and Technology (option, 15 credits)

Youth, Crime and Violence (option, 15 credits)

Development for Employment (option, 30 credits)

Extension of Knowledge (option, 15 credits)

Year 3 modules include:

Crime Control and Penology (core, 30 credits)

Social Control, Drugs and Organised Crime (core, 30 credits)

Criminology Project (option, 30 credits)

Criminology Work Experience (option, 15 credits)

Gender and Sexuality (option, 30 credits)

Re-thinking Childhood and Children’s Lives in Education (option, 30 credits)

Serious and Serial Offenders (option, 15 credits)

Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism (option, 15 credits)

Victims and Crime (option, 15 credits)

Human Rights and Conflict (option, 15 credits)

Religion and the State (option, 15 credits)

Start Date

09/2020 02/2021

Tuition & Fees

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
3 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Science (with Honours) - BSc (Hons) £9,250 Home Fees
3 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Science (with Honours) - BSc (Hons) £9,250 European Fees
3 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Science (with Honours) - BSc (Hons) £12,700 Overseas Fees
4 years
Part Time
Bachelor of Science (with Honours) - BSc (Hons) £2,310 Home Fees
4 years
Part Time
Bachelor of Science (with Honours) - BSc (Hons) £2,310 European Fees
4 years
Part Time
Bachelor of Science (with Honours) - BSc (Hons) £3,175 Overseas Fees