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Course Introduction

*Applicants for single or joint principal study Composition are requested to apply for course 380W.

Undergraduate study at the Royal College of Music balances high'level training in solo, chamber and ensemble performance with critical enquiry into music past and present. Students investigate music in context and how it operates in contemporary cultures. The RCM also provides a range of options for developing practical and applied skills.

The nature of your undergraduate experience at the RCM depends on your principal study specialism. In essence, it includes individual lessons with distinguished musicians; core units in historical, technical, practical, and vocational subjects delivered in small groups; and a variety of performances.

Our undergraduate programme is designed to be flexible, especially in years 3 and 4, ensuring you can undertake study directly relevant to your needs and aspirations. A variety of options helps every student develop their interests during their time at the RCM.

From the very beginning of the course you will be able to draw on exceptional resources and opportunities, such as the RCM Library, the Centre for Performance Science, Creative Careers Centre and RCM Sparks – our outreach and education programme.

Royal College of Music courses are internationally recognised, with successful students awarded their qualifications under the RCM's Royal Charter.

Course Modules

Years 1 and 2

• Performance studies in Principal, Related, and Second instruments, with regular faculty'based workshops, activities, and opportunities for performance

• Training in music education

• Courses in music history and performance practice, practical musicianship/stylistic studies, aural awareness, study skills, Alexander Technique, and musicians' wellbeing

• Options in music history and stylistic studies topics in Year 2

• Opportunity to fast track to higher levels of study in aural awareness and practical musicianship

Years 3 and 4

• Continuing work in performance studies

• Creation of a personalised programme of study from a variety of options (offered on either a yearly or two'yearly basis)

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Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
4 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Music (with Honours) - BMus (Hon) Other Fees