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Course Introduction

This programme looks at how science, technology and healthcare come together in developing innovative new materials for the future of medicine. Choose Biomaterials for Biomedical Sciences if you want to study a technologically advanced and specialist subject, building on a strong foundation in biology, chemistry and physiology. You’ll develop a core understanding of a biomaterial’s response to being placed in a physiological environment, and the response of the biological system to the presence of a biomaterial. You’ll study the physiological environment down to the cellular and molecular level, basic human physiological and pathological processes, and the science behind how a material’s structural, physical and chemical properties can be manipulated to meet a specific need.

By the end of the programme, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to discover and design new biomaterials and therapies in healthcare.

Course Modules

Year 1

Biomolecules of Life

Clinical problems in biomedical engineering and materials

Materials Science 1: Properties of Matter

Materials Science 2: Processing and Applications

Mathematics for Materials Scientists

Molecules to Materials

Student Centred Learning 1

The Human Cell

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Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
5 years
Master of Science (with Honours) - Msci (Hon) £9,250 European Fees
5 years
Master of Science (with Honours) - Msci (Hon) £9,250 Home Fees