Politics & International Relations including Foundation Year

Course Introduction

**Reasons to choose Kingston**

– You’ll be able to combine your study of politics and international relations with a special focus on human rights and social justice.

– The course has a strong emphasis on the practical skills needed to be successful in the world of politics-related work.

– This course helps you make an informed contribution to political life in your community and become active in our democratic society.

**This course is offered with a Foundation Year in Social Sciences**

This foundation year is taught at the University giving you a taste of academic life in a supportive environment.

The year gives you the academic and technical preparation for undergraduate study in a wide range of social sciences subjects. Lectures, labs and

tutorials will give you a broad understanding across subjects including economics, criminology, politics, sociology and psychology.

**About this course**

How can citizens work together to achieve common goals? How can the UK adapt to the continuing challenges of Brexit? How do world events impact on our daily lives? This course gives you the knowledge to debate these questions and many others. Crucially, you’ll also develop the skills necessary to make a practical difference in the world and enhance your employability.

This course offers a wide choice of topics, such as political ideals, global terrorism and developmental economics. You’ll have the opportunity to specialise in areas of particular interest.

You’ll complete a research project on a topic of interest, for which you’ll have training in research skills. The project will culminate in a presentation at our annual student conference.

Course Modules

Examples of modules:

Year 0

- Foundation Year in Social Sciences

Year 1

- Introduction to Human Rights

- Introduction to International Relations

- Another World is Possible: Order and Revolution in Political Ideology

- Pathways to Power: Active Citizenship in the UK

Year 2 (Core)

- Modern Political Thought

- International Relations and Global Governance

Year 2 (Optional)

- Crime, Media and Policy

- Contemporary Issues in Economics

- Criminality, Deviance and the State in Early Modern Britain and Europe

- Age of Extremes: Themes in Twentieth Century World History

- Securing Human Rights: Contemporary Themes and Issues

- Latin America: Power, Politics and El Pueblo Rising

- Voices of Contemporary Europe

- Globalisation, Development and Social Justice

- How to Change the World

- Globalisation and Social Change

Final Year (Core)

- Advanced Research Project (Extended)

Final Year (Optional)

- Global Terrorism and Transnational Crime

- Development Economics

- Beatles to Blair: Britain since 1960

- Britain, the US and the World in the Twentieth Century

- Britain, Europe and the Extreme Right, 1918-to the Present

- Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

- Human Rights and Political Violence

- Identity, Culture, Politics

- Crimes of the Powerful: Corporations, the State and Human Rights

- Cold War, Hot War: the Politics of the Middle East

- Social Justice Through the Arts

- Social Intersections: Gender, Race and Class

- War and Society

- Migration and Social Transformation

Start Date


Tuition & Fees

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
4 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons) Other Fees