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Course Introduction

**Why study this course?**

If you want a career addressing the causes of crime but don’t have the necessary qualifications or entry requirements for an undergraduate course, this course includes a foundation year that, if passed successfully, allows you to continue on to an criminology-related degree. During the foundation year you’ll study modules which will help you to improve your critical thinking, essay writing and academic skills, as well as giving you an introduction to some of the themes involved in the this field. This will enable you to continue on to study the subject you are most interested in, such as criminology combined with policing, law, youth studies, international security, sociology or psychology.

**More about this course**

The Criminology, Policing and Law Extended Degree (including Foundation Year) BSc is set up to help you enter your desired criminology-related undergraduate course even if you don't have the necessary qualifications. By teaching you the fundamentals of undergraduate study in the social sciences and humanities, this degree gives you the chance to continue onto the subject you really want to learn.

The foundation year focuses on improving your academic and study skills, boosting your confidence and unlocking your potential for higher education. Classes in critical thinking encourage you to challenge preconceived notions and generate your own ideas, while essay writing practices train you in the best way to communicate them.

Successfully pass the foundation year and you can confidently move on to study an undergraduate course such as criminology or combine it with sociology, psychology, youth studies, law, policing and international security.

Depending on what you go on to study, you could be learning under staff with professional experience as probation officials, Chief Inspectors, Detective Sergeants, leading criminal researchers and more. Their professional experience combined with academic teaching ability means you’ll be learning from people who can back up your academic study with real world insights.

London Met criminology highlights can include work opportunities in mentoring and charity placements, access to our mock courtroom and regular talks by visiting experts. You can learn more about the staff, students and subject area news at our criminology hub.

Whichever course you choose and whoever you study under, this extended degree is perfect if you want help getting into a career where you can make a difference to contemporary society.

**What our students say**

"[The foundation year] "helped me to know my strength and weakness and prepare me for my degree course. I can now tackle issues that i would have struggled with if I had gone straight to a degree course. My communication, organisation and reading skills have all improved. At first it was challenging, but as i progressed through the course I was able to face some of my challenges and overcome them with the help all of my lectures."

Course leader survey

"The course has prepared me very well for my degree and I am more confident now than ever. Also, the lecturers were great—they take their time to explain and clarify things for us and eventually we gain a better understanding.”

Course leader survey

“The diverse background of the teaching staff has given me a more eye-opening learning experience, particularly in the Policing module. The first hand professional experience of the lecturers and tutors makes the theories and ideas we learn far more interesting to relate to. Our lecturers and tutors also offered valuable advice about the careers and paths open to us after graduation.”

National Student Survey

Course Modules

Example Year 0 modules include:

Critical Thinking (core, 15 credits)

Culture, Family and Power (core, 15 credits)

Media, Crime and 'Race' (core, 15 credits)

Reflecting on Self and Society (core, 15 credits)

Researching Discrimination (core, 15 credits)

Researching Inequality (core, 15 credits)

Social Issues in Context: Text to Essay (core, 15 credits)

Studying London (core, 15 credits)

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Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
4 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Science (with Honours) - BSc (Hons) £9,250 Home Fees
4 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Science (with Honours) - BSc (Hons) £9,250 European Fees
8 years
Part Time
Bachelor of Science (with Honours) - BSc (Hons) £2,310 Home Fees
8 years
Part Time
Bachelor of Science (with Honours) - BSc (Hons) £2,310 European Fees