ESCP Europe Business School

Course Introduction

The aim of the ESCP Europe Specialised Master in Biopharmaceutical Management is to prepare future managers of pharmaceutical, medical consulting and biotechnology companies for immediate insertion into a professional environment that is currently undergoing dramatic changes.

Course Modules

Fundamentals of marketing: principles of marketing; research seminar. Pharmaceutical marketing: pharmaceutical marketing 1; pharmaceutical marketing 2. Strategy and competitive analysis: corporate strategy; competitive analysis. Environment and data analysis: panels and database management; data analysis. Product management: markstrat and marketing seminar; pharmaceutical marketing strategy; new product management. Management, audit and performance: management; performance, cost, control and measurement; applied cost control and audit. Trends and market perspectives: trade'marketing; generics marketing; new product management. Specialisation in international pharmaceutical strategy. International strategy: fundamentals of international and European international marketing; global marketing plan and adaptation; web communication and marketing; international testimonials. Communication: fundamentals of advertising; patient communication; relationship marketing. Specialisation in biotechnology management, banking and consulting. Banking and consulting: trend analysis and consulting; tech clusters; vc and banking. Biotechnology management: business development; biotechnology consulting and management.

Start Date:


Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
1 year
Full Time
MSc £18,500 Home Fees
1 year
Full Time
MSc £18,500 Overseas Fees

Qualifications required:

  • A first Master's degree. Holders of a Bachelor degree (240 ECTS) : with a minimum of 3 years professional experience. Holders of a Bachelor degree (240 ECTS) without professional experience.