Birkbeck, University of London

Course Introduction

This programme will give you a deep understanding of the recent past and the contemporary world and help you develop the approaches, techniques and skills of the professional historian. Using an interdisciplinary combination of historical and political approaches, it lays a strong emphasis on the critical analysis of the recent past, with the overall aim of giving you specialist knowledge of particular regions and themes. You will study the complex interplay between national, international and global political, social and historical forces that have produced the contemporary world.

Course Modules

Core modules:

Mastering Historical Research: Birkbeck Approaches .

Option modules:

After the Ottoman Empire;

American Foreign Policy;

Arab'Israeli Question;

Battleground Spain, 1936'1939;

China and the West: Encounters;

Cultural History of War in Britain and America between the First World War and the Conflict in Vietnam;

Disease and Society in Africa in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries;

Empires in Modern East Asia;

Ethnicity and Migration in Twentieth Century Central Europe;

Gender in Britain;

Internationalism and International Organisations in twentieth'century Europe;

Jews and Antisemitism in Modern Europe: Histories and Approaches;

Nationalism and Ethno'Religious Conflict;

Politics and Islam;

Reconstruction of Europe 1943'1956;

Religion in Society and Politics: Britain and Ireland, 1801'2001;

The European Union: Integration, Politics and Policy;

The Holocaust;

The Nazi Capture of Power;

The Soviet Experience: Stalinism Through the Eyes of the Individual;

The Two Irelands 1911'1998;

War, Politics and Society .

Start Date:


Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
1 year
Full Time
MA £8,175 Home Fees
1 year
Full Time
MA £14,850 Overseas Fees
2 years
Part Time
MA £4,075 Home Fees
2 years
Part Time
MA £7,425 Overseas Fees

Qualifications required:

  • 2nd Class Honours degree and references. We also offer a 1-year Graduate Certificate in History, which can be used as a conversion course if you want to study history at postgraduate level, but have a degree in a significantly different discipline. If English is not your first language or you have not previously studied in English: IELTS Academic Test score of 6.5, with not less than 6.0 in each of the sub-tests.