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Course Introduction

The course is designed for writers with some experience who would now like to go the extra mile and complete a novel. We do not therefore teach or examine short stories. This is a course for people who want to write full'length novels.

Most importantly, every year, an anthology of excerpts from all the students' novels is published in the final term: this is presented in a showcase evening and then distributed to every literary agent in London and, for overseas students, the agents in their home cities, as well (in the recent past our anthology has been sent to New York, Toronto and Sydney).

At the end of the Creative Writing (Novels) MA course, you will be very different; you will have written a novel.

The MA Creative Writing (Novels) allows you to focus on one of two areas: Literary Novels or Crime Thriller Novels.

This course is designed to provide a supportive and thought'provoking, yet challenging, environment for novelists to develop their skills, experiment with approaches to writing, learn about the industry and, most importantly, complete a polished novel ready to send to publishers and agents.

At the core of the Creative Writing (Novels) course is the experience of established writers. Everyone who teaches on this MA course is a working, published novelist.

Course Modules

Fundamentals of fiction and experiments in style;

Experiments of Style;


Reading as Writer; and

Complete novel.

Start Date:


Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
2 years
Full Time
MA £6,000 Home Fees
2 years
Full Time
MA £8,500 Overseas Fees

Qualifications required:

  • You will usually have a Bachelor degree, in any subject. But successful completion of a certificate course in creative writing or relevant experience is equally acceptable. The prime criteria are proven writing ability and a commitment to devoting two years to completing a novel. You will be required to submit a sample of your writing and to attend an interview or (if overseas) to participate by telephone.
  • The writing sample should be 5,000 words at most. Ideally it would be a section - probably the opening - of a novel, but it is equally acceptable if it is a short story. Shorter length pieces may also be submitted but as this is a course which focuses on writing a full-length novel (minimum 60,000 words), the more sustained the writing sample, the better.