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Course Introduction

**Why study this course?**

In a globalised world, the threat from terrorism is either immediate or a constant part of our lives. This distance learning course in counter'terrorism studies explores the strategies and controversies of those agencies tasked with fighting this threat. It also equips you to analyse these types of problems and helps you to grasp the important inter'disciplinary links with security studies. These skills will open up a wide range of career opportunities and enable you to engage with institutions and individuals central to this area.

**More about this course**

This postgraduate degree will explore all aspects of counter'terrorism including responses from the community, the security services and the military, situating them within a contemporary legal and ethical framework.

National governments, international agencies and major corporations recognise the need for personnel with a strong grasp of intelligence and security issues who can also demonstrate exceptional skills in research and analysis. We'll teach you to analyse these types of issues and to place them in the context of broader military, strategic and political considerations.

This distance learning course is taught in partnership with Informa via their online learning platform. It will assess important terrorism events and issues of the twentieth and twenty'first centuries, analyse justifications for the increasing securitisation of social life and connect the conceptual basis of the discipline to some of the practical issues facing the international community.

Course modules provide opportunities for a review of emerging terrorism threats and the issues pertaining to counter'terrorism, law enforcement, government agencies and the private sector. You'll develop your own area of expertise within the fields of terrorism and counter'terrorism studies and gain an understanding of how the concept of counter'terrorism and security has been rearticulated and challenged in our contemporary context by engaging with some of the most pressing issues of our day.

In particular, you'll focus on understanding and applying intelligence and analytical thinking to practical problems by looking at current and emerging terrorism issues and potential solutions. You'll discover how policing, law enforcement and politicians are trying to counter and combat threats in a global environment.

Course Modules

Modules include:

Terrorism and Counter'Terrorism

Intelligence Analysis

Contemporary Issues in Crime

Safety and Security

Military and Security Responses to Terrorism

Community Policing Responses to Violent Extremism Leading to Terrorism

Understanding Terrorist Finance

Counter'Terrorism Studies Dissertation

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Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
2 years
Distance Learning
1 year
Distance Learning
Postgraduate Certificate - PgCert
1 year
Distance Learning
Postgraduate Diploma - PgDip

Qualifications required:

  • You will be required to have a relevant second class honours degree or equivalent overseas qualification. Alternatively a graduate level professional qualification and suitable work experience (such as policing, security or military work) may be accepted. Where English is a second language you will be required to demonstrate a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or a TOEFL score of 575.