London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Course Introduction

This programme is designed to provide students with a range of options that offer in depth coverage of theories of conflict; political violence and civil wars; human security; terrorism and insurgency, including the implications for strategies of statebuilding; post'conflict reconstruction and reconciliation; peace processes and conflict resolution. Concepts and theories are analysed across a range of global, regional, national and subnational contexts; including detailed comparative case'studies. The programme includes as a compulsory element some basic methodological training in quantitative and/or qualitative methods; with provision for more advanced skills as required.

Course Modules

Compulsory modules: comparative conflict analysis; dissertation. Applicants choose from either qualitative research methods or introduction to quantitative analysis. Applicants choose 2 courses from: the politics of civil wars; nationalist conflict, political violence and terrorism; conflict and state'building; globalisation, conflict and post'totalitarianism; conflict and institutional design in divided societies; local power in an era of democratisation and decentralisation; democracy in south and east Asia; government and politics in China; government and politics in central and Eastern Europe; nationalism; the second Europe; warfare and national identity; comparative democratisation; popular politics in the Middle East; African politics, wars, and violence; the history and politics of the modern Middle East; race, violence and colonial rule in Africa; conflict and peace studies; genocide; Islam in international relations: from Al'Andalus to Afghanistan; human security; south'east Europe: government, economy and foreign policy; ethnic diversity and international society; identity, community and the problem of minorities;gender and militarisation; European human rights law; terrorism and the rule of law; international law and the use of force; ethnic and religious violence in post'colonial society.

Start Date:


Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
1 year
Full Time
MSc £20,112 Home Fees
2 years
Part Time

Qualifications required:

  • 2.1 degree, or overseas equivalent, in any discipline with a considered interest in the area covered by the MSc; English language requirement for non-native speakers (TOEFL/IELTS).