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Course Introduction

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The three year BA (Hons.) Education course provides an interesting and thought'provoking opportunity for you to study and experience the diverse discipline of education. You will explore notions of knowledge and pedagogy; exploring and understanding how we learn throughout our lives. You will have the opportunity to undertake a critical evaluation of education including historical, political, international and social influences whilst examining theories of learning and factors that impact on this. You will develop the ability to critically analyse education systems and approaches and gain the knowledge and skills required in order to undertake an innovative educational project.

The course will enable you to gain fieldwork experience in a diverse range of education settings; experiencing first'hand the interface between theory, research and practice. There will be opportunities for you to pursue your own interests within the field of education as you undertake a variety of assessments, which will draw on your developing knowledge and understanding within different organisations and communities. You will further develop the independent skills needed for effective practice in the workplace as you explore and consider your future career options.

Course Modules

**Subject to validation**

Year 1

' Professional Development in Education

' Safeguarding and Children's Rights

' Principles and Practice in Education (Field Trips)

' Historical, Social and Political Perspectives in Education

Year 2

' Contemporary Issues in Education

' Education Field Work

' International Perspectives in Education

' The Arts, Design and Creativity in Education

Year 3

' Innovative Educational Project

' Educating for Citizenship

' Extended Education Field Work

In the first year of the course you will undertake a range of fieldwork trips such outdoor learning, creative arts, museum education, children centres and other educational settings. In year two and three of the course you will take part in extended fieldwork (block placements), which will enable you to develop a range of skills and experience that will enable you to make informed career choices and enhance your employability.

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Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
3 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts - BA £9,250 Home Fees
3 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts - BA £13,800 Overseas Fees