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Course Introduction

The course will give you a theoretical framework for the practical application of translation, working with a wide range of source texts from different popular genres and media. You will gain an understanding of the different conventions and styles associated with popular culture in its varied forms and genres, how they are historically and culturally shaped and the impact this has on translation strategies. You will develop an awareness of professional standards, norms and translational ethics and to develop your professional identity in relation to the role of translation in the publishing process. The course will introduce you to the different research strategies and methodologies, relevant in both professional translation and in academic study.

Course Modules

Core modules:

Principles and practice of translation theory (15 credits);

Translating children's fiction (15 credits);

Subtitling (15 credits);

Translating crime fiction (15 credits);

Translating science fiction (15 credits);

Dissertation (60 credits)

Elective modules:

Translating multimodal texts (15 credits);

Translation for dubbing and voiceover (15 credits);

Principles of screenwriting and the translation of screenplays (15 credits);

Translation project management (15 credits);

Setting up as a translator (15 credits);

International publishing case studies (20 credits);

Creating and managing intellectual property (15 credits)

Start Date:


Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
1 year
Full Time
MA £9,000 Home Fees
1 year
Full Time
MA £14,000 Overseas Fees
2 years
Part Time
MA £4,500 Home Fees
2 years
Part Time
MA £7,000 Overseas Fees

Qualifications required:

  • You should have an upper second class honours degree or the equivalent from an international institution in a relevant subject, which may include:
  • - Modern foreign languages
  • - A philological degree
  • - English or foreign literature
  • - Translation
  • - Comparative literature
  • - Film studies
  • - Cultural studies
  • - Theatre studies
  • - Media studies.
  • You need to demonstrate linguistic competence in your foreign language at a level equivalent to either a first degree, or IELTS 7.0 (in the reading, writing and listening components).
  • Students who have completed the PG Certificate Principles and Practice in Translation can progress to the MA Audiovisual Translation and Popular Culture. You will need to gain 60 taught credits from specified modules and 60 credits from the dissertation, as outlined below:
  • - LAM060 Translating Children's Fiction - 15 credits
  • - LAM065 Subtitling - 15 credits
  • - LAM062 Translating Crime Fiction - 15 credits
  • - LAM063 Translating Science Fiction - 15 credits
  • - LAM064 Dissertation - 60 credits.
  • Postgraduate Preparatory Courses for International Students
  • If you do not qualify for direct entry, our partner INTO City, University of London offers an academic preparation programme - the Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences. The course offers a route to City, University of London through an excellent teaching and learning experience, located in purpose built study facilities. Successful completion of the Graduate Diploma at INTO City, University of London to the standard required provides guaranteed progression to this Masters degree.