University of Westminster

Course Introduction

The course, formerly known as the Architecture Graduate Diploma, is a long'established and well'respected course which gives exemption from the second stage of professional training. This professional qualification is prescribed by ARB for Part II and is validated by the RIBA. The emphasis of the course is placed on innovative design work, and on developing a challenging and critical approach to the study and practice of architecture. The course allows you to investigate a wide range of issues pertinent to architecture in contemporary society. We foster diversity of choice, interpretation and approach, whether in design projects or more academic research. The focus is on confronting sophisticated design programmes (in formal, technical, professional or urban terms) that demand rigour and self'criticism. Specialised investigation into architecture and its historical or theoretical contexts takes the form of speculative projects and research for your major dissertation. The course has three main objectives: to develop your design ability through project'based experimentation; to present an evaluation and critique of your coursework within a broad cultural context, and in light of technical, economic and legal constraints; and to encourage your articulate explanation and representation of quality and value in design projects.

Start Date:


Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
2 years
Full Time
Master of Architecture - MArch

Qualifications required:

  • You need a high standard of achievement in your BA in Architecture and are expected to have exemption from RIBA Part I, and at least six months' professional experience. At interview you should present your academic portfolio together with examples of work undertaken during professional training, plus any relevant contextual material.