Queen Mary University of London

Course Introduction

Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry brings together two venerable teaching institutions: St Bartholomew’s Hospital, which dates back to 1123, and The London Hospital Medical College, founded in 1785, the oldest medical school in England and Wales. The two hospitals lie in very different parts of London, the City and the East End, meaning that you will be exposed to a greater diversity of people and their problems than at almost any other school. This combination of the scientific excellence mentioned above, and the unmatched medical and dental opportunities that flow from our location, means that we are in an unrivalled position to offer you the very best experience as a student, shaping the sort of dentist you will become and the rest of your life.

Our curriculum is modern, integrated and well paced, and our location in east London means that you’ll serve a population of great diversity and encounter a wide range of disease, including some of the more unusual oral cancers.

With around 70 students per year, we are still a relatively small dental school. Our size and location mean that there is a strong sense of community and that we are never short of patients. Dental students also have the opportunity to study at a variety of outreach clinics, gaining experience within different clinical settings.

The Dental School contains a clinical skills laboratory, which closely simulates the real clinical experience and is an invaluable learning facility, helping new students prepare for patient care work. You will also be able to work in our fantastic new outreach clinics at Barkantine, near Canary Wharf, Southend'on'Sea and the newest clinic Sir Ludwig Guttmann centre in the Olympic park.

Course Modules

The BDS programme will be delivered around an academic year of two (years 1 and 5) or three semesters ( years 2'4), whereby the programme will build on early basic science knowledge to more established and advanced clinical practice in Outreach Dental Centres and in the main dental hospital. For example CIinical Dentistry will start in Year 1 with Fundamentals of Dentistry, followed by the development of core clinical skills in the clinical skills laboratory (Year 2), prior to entry onto the clinic for Clinical Practice in Year 3 and Advanced Clinical Practice in Years 4 and 5. http://www.smd.qmul.ac.uk/undergraduate/courses/dentistry/A200/index.html

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Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
5 years
Full Time
Bachelor of Dental Surgery - BDS £9,250 Home Fees