University of Westminster

Course Introduction

This course is designed to equip students with advanced skills in areas relating to image conception, formation, capture, analysis, evaluation and visualisation from the perspectives of art, science and technology. This is a cross'disciplinary programme built on our experience and proficiency in these fields, run in collaboration by the Westminster School of Media Arts and Design and the Faculty of Science and Technology. It provides cutting edge education, supported by external links to creative and scientific industries. Students enrol for an MA or an MSc degree, but can potentially change pathway. The MA and MSc pathways share some common syllabus, whilst the majority of the content is distinctive to each degree, to allow for discipline specialisation to be developed within a multidisciplinary environment. Relevant areas include digital image representation and visualisation; digital imaging systems and their performance evaluation; cultural, theoretical, and historical aspects of the production and consumption of images; colour vision, measurement and management; image quality, content and aesthetics; programming for imaging. The course encourages understanding of interdisciplinary issues relating to imaging, by providing space for art/science collaborative projects and hybrid methodologies. Students engage in a major project, specific to the MA or MSc pathway, and where appropriate, collaborate with external creative, technological and scientific industries.

Course Additional Entry

A UK undergraduate degree (lower 2nd) or overseas equivalent.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
1 year
Full Time
MSc (Postgraduate)
2 years
Part Time
MSc (Postgraduate)