University of Westminster

Course Introduction

Based within our Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, our research programme in linguistics has a long'established tradition, both theoretical and pedagogical. More recently, the programme has built on its strengths in English language, particularly in the historical study of the language, and has been successful in obtaining several major grants to fund research projects in the area.We welcome applications to all areas of English language and in particular to the following specific research areas: Creole linguistic; linguistics; and phonetics.

Course Additional Entry

You will need: a minimum classification of 2.1 in a 1st degree (or equivalent); and, preferably, a Master's degree (or Master's degree pending); and (if English is not your 1st language). Appropriate English language qualifications (you will normally be required to achieve minimum IELTS scores of 6.5 or equivalent). You will also need to have the commitment and motivation to undertake a sustained programme of independent and self'directed study and training as a researcher.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
2 - 4 years
Distance Learning