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Course Introduction

Level 1: Our Level 1 course meets the needs of students joining us from a wide variety of backgrounds and with diverse computing experience; these classes build a firm foundation for the rest of your degree by introducing you to the style and ethos of both the school and the computing profession; foundation units include: systems architecture; systems analysis; software development; relevant mathematics; by the end of level 1, regardless of your degree programme, you'll have covered the fundamental concepts of computer science and the computer'based systems necessary in business; you'll then be ready to explore them in greater depth at level 2.Level 2: This consolidates level 1 learning but places more emphasis on judgement and evaluation skills; you'll expand your understanding of: processes for developing large and complex software systems; roles and technologies to help you control such projects; human'computer interface; how to develop sound criteria such as 'user friendliness' ' and make reliable and repeatable judgements based on them; you'll further specialise in Business Computing and will have covered systems analysis and design by the end of level 2; you'll also explore human and organisational aspects of computer'based systems, as well as the changes in processes and technology that organisations must make if they're to get the best from their information.Level 3: Final year project; this is a substantial individual project for which you research a business computing topic in'depth; if you're on a sandwich course it's quite likely that this project will be of interest to future employers; this is assessed and is worth a 3rd of your level 3 marks; examples of past projects have included: security issues in the development of electronic cash; contingency planning for healthcare information systems; interface design for a social networking intranet site; increasing consumer trust in eCommerce and issues in enterprise systems implementation; in this final year, you'll study options to broaden your understanding of computing; you'll begin to address research'level issues in the area of computing for business; we revise the options available each year to reflect the range of specialist interests among our staff, and industry trends.

Course Modules

Level 1: Level 1 Group Project; Introductory Programming; Data and Information; Information Systems and Organisations; Logic and Computation. Level 2: Level 2 Group Project; Software Development and Management; Usability Engineering; Business Analysis and Process Modelling; ICTs in Society. Level 3: Final Year Business Computing Project; Software Project Management; Advanced Topics in Business Computing; your choice of options will be determined by whether you follow the general Business Computing course or whether you choose to include a specialist option; for example, if you choose the general Business Computing course, you can choose 2 options from the following: eBusiness; Human Computer Interaction; Social Media; if you choose Business Computing with a specialism, such as Business Computing (eBusiness), the specialist module will make up 1 of your options, and you can choose 1 other from the list above.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees
4 years
Full Time

Qualifications required:

  • GCE A-level ABB