Queen Mary University of London

Course Introduction

This programme is related to biological and experimental psychology. This includes cognitive evolution and the biological basis of human social behaviour, decision making and sexual orientation are a central consideration. Strong emphasis is placed on the experimental approach to research problems in these fields of psychology.

Course Modules

Recent research includes: physical reasoning and social cognition in corvids; colour perception in bumblebees; the transmission of cultural information in humans using evolutionary models; sex differences in cognition; the use of zebra fish as a model behavioural assay of addiction; visual attention and search in humans and non'human animals; the role of cannabinoid signalling in several neural processes; social evolution in mole rats; gene'brain interaction in mammalian reproductive behaviour; the utility of drosophila models of circadian rhythms; face processing and imitation; and the philosophy of mind.

Course Additional Entry

An upper 2nd Class Honours degree.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
3 years
Full Time
6 years
Part Time