Birkbeck, University of London

Course Introduction

Have you ever wondered about the causes of the Black Death? Or how archaeologists study the human past? This course covers a wide range of historical periods, themes and regions, offering you a choice of over 35 modules, so you can pick subjects that really interest you. Some modules are held at London museums, archives and historic sites, giving you access to their rich collections. You will learn a variety of approaches, skills and historical methods, taught at the equivalent of 1st 'year degree level.

Course Modules

History modules: British history from 1750 (1); British history from 1750 (2); dictatorships and crisis in Europe, 1917'1949 (a political and social history); European history 1500'1800 (1); European history 1500'1800 (2); history, theory and method; intermediate Greek; intermediate Latin; introduction to Ancient Greek; introduction to Latin; the Medieval world (1); the Medieval world (2). Archaeology modules: Archaeology of the Roman Empire (1); archaeology of the Roman Empire (2); British prehistory (hunter'gatherers to farmers); British prehistory (the age of metals); method and practice in archaeology (1); method and practice in archaeology (2); the ancient Near East in the proto'historical period (3500'2000 BC); the prehistory of the ancient Near East (10,000'3500 BC); the Vikings.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
2 - 4 years
Part Time
CertHE (Post A-Level)

Qualifications required:

  • Age restriction