Royal College of Music

Course Introduction

This programme is offered jointly by Imperial College London and the Royal College of Music; the musical life of Imperial has always been very strong and many physics students have contributed to this; this degree programme has been developed to provide a high quality Honours degree education in physics, at the same time as providing musical training in 1 instrument to the highest international standards; the amount of physics that students cover over the 4 years is equal to the full 3 year physics course; this ensures that graduates from this course can proceed to a career as a fully qualified physicist if they wish; it also gives students the chance of going on to do research; however, some students choose this programme to launch careers as professional musicians; the combination of physics and music is also attractive in other spheres, for instance in broadcasting and recording organisations; the physics component of this course contains the common core courses of the BSc Physics degree but has a slightly reduced number of options; to give the students enough time for music, the 1st year physics project is missed out; the 2nd year laboratory is also deferred to the 3rd year, with some 3rd year courses deferred until the 4th year; the main emphasis is in performance training, including instrumental practical tuition, with supporting studies in aural techniques; there is a very rich environment for music'making via repertoire rehearsals and performances with various ensembles acknowledged as being of a very high standard.

Course Modules

Year 1 core: Electricity and magnetism; electronics; mathematics; mechanics; measurement and errors; professional skills (1st year seminars); physics laboratory I; physics project; quantum physics; relativity; structure of matter; vibrations and waves; plus options. Year 2 core: Applications of quantum mechanics; electromagnetism; electrons in solids; mathematics; optics; physics laboratory II; professional skills II; quantum mechanics; thermodynamics; statistics of measurement; statistical physics; plus options. Year 3 core: Atomic and molecular physics; comprehensive physics (tutorial'based); nuclear and particle physics; physics laboratory III (except F325, F390); physics project (F300, F325); professional skills III; solid state physics; plus options. Year 4 MSci degrees core: Research project (in a research group); research interfaces; plus options.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
4 years
Full Time
BSc (Hons)