Royal College of Art

Course Introduction

This programme's focus is on a wide scope, questioning and exploring issues centred on the human condition; the course is responsive to the rapidly changing social and cultural landscape, and draws on history and technology; it nurtures intellectual and creative skills directed at understanding and pushing forward jewellery and objects of human making; the rich and extensive bodies of knowledge associated with object'making and jewellery underpin an approach that is outward'looking, open to the wider discourse on commodity objects, with connections to contemporary life.

Course Modules

Topics may include: design methodologies; context; presentation skills; technical and digital inductions, introduction to emerging technologies; personal project; projects; critical and historical studies.

Course Additional Entry

Applicants are required to possess a good undergraduate degree (or non'UK equivalent qualification) in metalwork, jewellery or a related subject, for example textiles, sculpture, architecture or industrial design. The application should be supported by a portfolio of work, good academic references and you should possess a range of practical skills. Equivalent professional experience or apprenticeships are also taken into account. Applications may be considered from candidates without formal training and/or qualifications in other subjects, but they must clearly demonstrate a passion for the subject area.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
2 years
Full Time
MA (Postgraduate) £28,400 ???abroad???
2 years
Full Time
MA (Postgraduate) £9,500 ???home???