Regent's University London

Course Introduction

This programme helps students develop the writing skills essential for the screen industry and the theatre; students explore the art of storytelling, the Aristotelian origins of drama, narrative structure, character function and creation, the exploitation of arena, decisions on location and key narrative tricks and devices; they also learn how to convert ideas into a saleable product, and how to deal with relevant legal and financial issues; students who choose to specialise in screen will finish by completing a 2'hour feature film screenplay; students who specialise in theatre will write a full'length play/performance text.

Course Modules

Modules include: short scripts; adapted scripts; analysis of scripts; on'campus period 1 and 2; observational research screenplay; thematic research play; on'campus period 3 and 4; production case study; feature film screenplay; full length stageplay; on'campus period 5.

Course Additional Entry

Minimum of a lower 2nd Class Honours degree, or its international equivalent, in any discipline; applicants must submit a sample of their creative writing and attend an interview; exceptional entry is available for candidates who either do not meet the formal academic requirements, or whose qualifications were not recently obtained and who cannot provide formal evidence of these qualifications; all exceptional entry decisions are made on a case'by'case basis, at the discretion of the course leader; fluency in English is also required.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees
2 years
Part Time
MA (Postgraduate) £10,000  Whole course. First year overseas fees
2 years
Part Time
MA (Postgraduate) £10,000  Whole course. First year home fees

Qualifications required:

  • First year of relevant degree course
  • International qualifications