School of Advanced Study

Course Introduction

The IHR is home to the UK's largest programme of history seminars, covering the whole range of historical enquiry, and houses its own dedicated library of over 180,000 volumes and periodicals. The MA and MRes in Historical Research will equip students with a range of specialist and transferable research skills, as well as an understanding of the theoretical approaches to history, enabling them to pursue an academic career in history or careers in many other fields. The MA enables students to undertake assessed work and independent research in the historical issues and controversies that interest them most. The course offers wide'ranging research training, and importance is placed on the use of architecture, material culture, archaeology and literature to aid historical research and understanding. Field trips and museum, library and archive visits form a key part of the training programme.

Course Modules

Modules: Historical Research Skills; History in Context; Taught option courses; Dissertation All students will take the core 'Historical Research Skills' and 'History in Context' modules, which introduce them to ideas and methods involved in historical research from the medieval period to the 20th century. Further skills'based training is provided by specialised courses at the Institute. For the MA, Module 3 provides students with the opportunity to study particular topics in more detail, offering 2 courses from a list of options. Module 4 is a 15,000 word dissertation. Alongside the development of techniques, skills and knowledge relevant to individual interests and research needs, the programme aims to equip students for both independent research and analysis in primary and secondary material, and writing at an advanced level, thus fostering their intellectual development and independent learning ability required for continuing professional and personal development.

Course Additional Entry

2.1 degree from a university in the United Kingdom, or an overseas qualification of an equivalent standard; applications may also be considered from candidates who do not meet the formal academic requirements, but who offer alternative qualifications or who have considerable work experience in a relevant field; UK applicants are normally asked to attend for interview at the Institute; overseas applicants may be asked to submit a piece of written work in English, on a relevant historical subject, in lieu of an interview.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
1 year
Full Time
MA (Postgraduate) £12,500 ???abroad???
1 year
Full Time
MA (Postgraduate) £5,500 ???home???
2 years
Part Time
MA (Postgraduate) £2,750 ???home???