Queen Mary University of London

Course Introduction

Pharmaceutical Chemistry provides the type of training required to work in the pharmaceutical industry in the discovery and development of new medicines. The emphasis is on synthetic organic chemistry, while also providing a good general foundation in physical and inorganic chemistry. In addition, you will receive insights into pharmacology, biochemistry and cancer chemotherapy. The four'year MSci is the standard qualification for those wishing to follow a professional career as a research chemist, while the three'year programme gives an excellent grounding in pharmaceutical chemistry, suitable for those who wish to pursue other careers in the industry or allied areas. During the final year of the MSci, you will conduct an extended original research project. These programmes have been recognised by the Royal Society of Chemistry and lead to Associate Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry status.

Course Modules

Year 1: Compulsory modules: Atomic molecular and ionic structure; organic functional group chemistry; foundations of organic chemistry; kinetics and coordination chemistry; elements of physical chemistry; basic biochemistry; heredity and gene action; essential skills for chemists. Year 2: Compulsory modules: Constructing organic molecules; transition metal chemistry; introduction to drug action; chemistry of biological molecules; techniques for chemical science; chemical pharmacology; animal physiology; molecules from 1st principles. Year 3: Compulsory modules: Advanced experimental chemistry; contemporary inorganic chemistry; molecules and ions at interfaces; cancer chemotherapy; topics in biological chemistry; synthesis of pharmaceutically active molecules; biochemistry of metabolism; project skills for chemists. Year 4: Compulsory modules: Advanced chemistry project (3 units); organic synthesis I, heterocyclic and retrosynthetic chemistry; organic synthesis II, asymmetric synthesis and catalysis.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
4 years
Full Time
MSci (Hons) £28,200 ???abroad???
4 years
Full Time
MSci (Hons) £9,000 ???home???

Qualifications required:

  • Irish Leaving Certificates AAACC
  • European Baccalaureate 75%
  • International Baccalaureate 34
  • GCE A-level ABB
  • SQA Higher
  • SQA Advanced Higher ABB
  • GCSE/SQA Standard Grade