Course Introduction

This course teaches advanced mathematical methods with the aid of Maple, an algebraic computing language with graphics and numerical capabilities, which students are taught how to use; although the emphasis is on mathematical methods, students use Maple partly to extend the use of these methods, partly to help them to visualise the mathematics and partly to enable them to combine conventional analytic techniques with numerical analysis; students explore various forms of approximations, perturbation expansions, accelerated convergence methods including Pade approximants, asymptotic expansions of integrals and some eigenvalue problems; students are also introduced to aspects of nonlinear dynamics and stochastic differential equations.

Course Additional Entry

Applicants must be registered for the MSc in mathematics, or for another qualification towards which the course can count; at least 2nd class Honours in a mathematics degree, or in another degree with a high mathematical content, such as engineering or theoretical physics; in exceptional circumstances applicants without that qualification are considered, although non-graduates will not normally be admitted to the MSc programme; a good working knowledge of calculus and the theory of ordinary differential equations; some knowledge of real and complex analysis is also assumed.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees
1 year
Distance Learning
Credits from The Open University (Potsgraduate)