Middlesex University

Course Introduction

This course give the students a deeper understanding of their practice; a wide range of pathways for people from all professional backgrounds can be followed: The doctorate in professional studies (DProf) allows individuals and groups from the private, public and voluntary sectors to negotiate high level customised programmes which focus on their professional and organisational needs; The doctorate in professional studies by public works (DProf PW) enables established professionals with substantial evidence of already having contributed significantly to organisational and/or professional development, to draw together a focussed account of their achievements; the generic DProf is rapidly expanding and already has over 100 alumni; candidates are attracted to the programme because it is a doctoral qualification that is related to the actual work activities and situations of employees and professionals; the transdisciplinary DProf is based on generic assessment criteria rather than a particular subject or body of knowledge that is held in a single discipline; the abilities of DProf Candidates are judged upon broad, generic criteria that are directly related to practical, real world outcomes.

Course Additional Entry

Candidates should have work'based experience in their professional life and hold a Master's degree. Applicants without formal qualifications should have experience of managing people and projects with technical experience.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
3 - 5 years
Work Based Learning
DProf £8,700 ???abroad???
3 - 5 years
Work Based Learning
DProf £3,390 ???home???
1 year
Full Time