University of London International Programmes

Course Introduction

This course seeks to convey what is distinctive about the common law approach as a legal methodology and as it reflects the history and politics of England and Wales. It examines the sources of law, the civil and criminal court structures, the role of judges and the jury. A running concern of the course is the question of fairness: The impact of the Human Rights Act on the criminal justice system and the issues of access to justice in the civil courts.

Course Modules

Modules include: Principles of accounting; elements of the law of contract; common law reasoning and institutions; commercial law; company law; financial management; corporate finance; management accounting.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
3 - 8 years
Distance Learning
BSc £4,006 ???home???

Qualifications required:

  • GCE A-level
  • GCSE/SQA Standard Grade