Royal College of Art

Course Introduction

The programme includes drawing workshops and professional studies seminars; students have access to a range of technical facilities, including wood and metal workshops, spray rooms and the celebrated Foundry casting in a range of metals including bronze, aluminium and iron; students also benefit from visiting artists.

Course Modules

Students work towards a work'in'progress show, their interim exams and submission of their draft dissertations at the end of the year; engendering social cohesiveness, respect and collaboration among the year group, and a sharing of expertise and experience; students identify intention in their practice, context and direction and are required to undertake a work review. 2nd year students present their work to the new students; work concentrated on production for the final show.

Course Additional Entry

Applicants should have: a good 1st degree in sculpture or a relevant subject and display a facility with materials and techniques; be knowledgeable about the history and cultural relevance of the fine art and be able to hold and articulate a view of their own work in relationship to that; be able to critically reflect on work, to question received modes of production and frameworks, and metabolise academic, social and philosophical encounters; portfolio; interview.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees
2 years
Full Time
MA (Postgraduate) £28,400  Academic year. First year overseas fees
2 years
Full Time
MA (Postgraduate) £9,500  Academic year. First year home fees