Royal College of Art

Course Introduction

This programme encompasses all of photography whether still or moving, analogue or digital, the photographic image is a visual form that aims to be thoughtful as well as playful; the programme understands photography as a medium with no fixed identity; equally the boundary between the still and the moving image is now fluid and porous, enabling new forms of image making to be created; an informed practice of photography acknowledges the heterogeneous traditions of fine art and visual culture; it also engages with practices of reading and writing about the image; on this programme theory and practice inform each other and this dialogue characterises committed study at postgraduate level.

Course Modules

Students work mainly on their own practice, although there is also structured teaching in the form of crits, seminars, lectures, workshops and tutorials; weekly theory seminars address practices of image making and draw upon theories of representation informed by aesthetics, semiotics, psychoanalysis and philosophy. Students also have the opportunity to attend relevant workshops that deal with technical aspects of photography.

Course Additional Entry

Applicants are generally expected to have a good BA degree from a photography or fine art course; be able to demonstrate an original and critical approach to photography as well as an ability to engage with current theories of art and culture that inform your practice. Portfolio: well edited and include a selection of recently completed work, which should not exceed 20 prints.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees
2 years
Full Time
MA (Postgraduate) £28,400  Academic year. First year overseas fees
2 years
Full Time
MA (Postgraduate) £9,500  Academic year. First year home fees