Royal Holloway, University of London

Course Introduction

This course is designed especially for those who are interested in progressing to doctoral research in Byzantine studies, particularly in reading and editing Byzantine texts from manuscripts. It also aims to relate Byzantine history to the wider world.

Course Modules

Choose 1 from: philosophy under the roman empire; medieval philosophy; Neo'Platonism; codes and practice: the world of roman law from antiquity to the early middle ages; identity and power in the middle ages, ad 500'1300; language and power in the later roman empire; ancient political thought and its medieval legacy; the mediaeval Mediterranean; the late roman and early byzantine city; Constantinople and its descriptions; byzantine Egypt; living in Byzantium: material culture and built environment (ca. ad 300'1500); the reign of Constantine I; the Christianisation of the roman world: from Constantine to Justinian; Byzantium and the west, ad 800'1054; medieval papacy; Byzantium and the first crusade; Byzantium and the fourth crusade; gender from antiquity to Byzantium; the Greek novel and its influence (1st to 21st centuries); homer's legacy; the medieval papacy; byzantine hagiography; Greek papyrology; medieval manuscripts and documents; places of learning in the medieval west; byzantine autographs of the palaeologan period (13th'15th century); Greek hands of the palaeologan period (13th'15th century); plus one of the following: Greek for beginners; intermediate Greek; Byzantine Greek II.

Course Additional Entry

Normally, 1st or Upper 2nd class Honours degree in relevant subject.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees
1 year
Full Time
MA (Postgraduate) £14,200  Academic year. First year overseas fees
1 year
Full Time
MA (Postgraduate) £6,550  Academic year. First year home fees
2 years
Part Time
MA (Postgraduate)