Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance

Course Introduction

This programme explores the main composers; and historic periods; the libretto; the singer; the orchestra; and conductor; the director; Shakespeare in opera; and women in opera. The course enables directors and singers alike to fully appreciate the material they work with.

Course Modules

Year 1: Opera at work; mastering the basics of music; mastering the basics of analysis 1 and 2; opera in context; ways of talking about opera. Year 2: Baroque part 1 and 2; romanticism part 1 and 2; options: Monteverdi; Mozart; Verdi; Wagner; the libretto; the development of the operatic overture and its relationship to the symphony; the orchestra and conductor; opera in France. Year 3: Birth of the modern part 1 and 2; options: Independent research project (for honours degree only); Wagner's ring (an introduction); Wagner's ring (the music); women in opera (the theory); women in opera (the practice); opera since WWII; Shakespeare in opera; nationalists; production, design and direction; Wagner's heirs; Lieder; Berg; Britten; Puccini; myth in opera.

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
3 - 10 years
Distance Learning
BA (Hons)

Qualifications required:

  • Course specific