Being an exchange student in a foreign country and city is a life-changing experience, especially if you choose to study an exchange programme in London. A study abroad programme allows you to study at a London university for one or two semesters. After that, you will return to your home institution to complete your studies. This is a popular programme for US students, but students from any country can apply to take part. 

Here's our guide for students who want to study abroad at a London university in England.

London Universities with Study Abroad Programs

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Why Should I Choose a Study Abroad Program in London?

London is a global city and a gateway to Europe. You can study at a top ranked university which will enhance your career prospects. You will experience a unique multicultural environment and you will never be bored because in London there is something for everybody:

  • Inspirational – you can attend more than 200 events and lectures that take place every day
  • Cultural – you can visit the famous (and free) cutting edge museums and art galleries
  • Historic – you will experience thousands of years of history as you walk through London's diverse neighbourhoods
  • Stimulating – there are more restaurants, pubs and cocktail bars than you could ever visit
  • Rewarding – you can choose from more than 20 universities and thousands of excellent courses
  • Connected – with thousands of international flights and the Eurostar to Europe, you can use London as your springboard to explore the world
  • Welcoming – come and live and study in the most multicultural, cosmopolitan city in the world

What Study Abroad Programs are Available in London?

London universities and colleges have a wide range of flexible Study Abroad Programs for international students who want to study in the UK and gain credits towards their final degree.

You can chose from a range of options. You can study for a full academic year or choose to study in London in either the autumn (fall) or spring semester. Summer Study Abroad programs are also available.

What is it like to Study Abroad in London?

Classes and lectures are designed give you the opportunity to learn independently and work with other students in tutorial discussions and seminar-based classes.

The choice of courses is enormous and very similar to the courses offered in the United States. You can focus on one specific subject or take a variety of modules from different areas.

As a Study Abroad student you may be offered on-campus accommodation. You'll live and study with British students as well as the 105,000 international students in London who come from more than 200 different nations, including over 5,000 students from the USA.